Engineered Timber

Engineered Timber

Engineered timber flooring has a layer of natural hardwood between layers of protective coatings, providing the same luxurious look and feel as solid timber floorboards. 

Engineered timber floors are formed by joining multiple layers of wood to create a single floor board. The boards consist of a layer of natural solid wood, topped over layers of pine/ply or other species of wood beneath the tongue.

The term “engineered” does not mean the wood is synthetic. Laminate flooring, which is made from rubber, plastic or other synthetics, can be made to imitate the appearance of timber flooring. Engineered timber flooring is real wood, but the board itself has been manufactured out of different types of timber. 

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There are a range of benefits that engineered timber flooring can offer both commercial and residential renovation projects:


  • Long-lasting: Engineered timber is well-known for its durability, which means it’s a much more cost-effective investment than solid timber.
  • Versatile: Engineered wood floors can be seamlessly incorporated into a range of design styles and environments, which means designers and trade will please many clients by specifying engineered timber products.
  • Aesthetics: The warm aesthetic appeal of engineered timber floor boards will create a design talking point in your space.
  • Eco-friendly: The timber manufacturing process uses less resources than other materials. Engineered timber boards are produced using only one layer of solid wood, which means one tree can be used to produce many engineered timber floor boards than it could produce solid planks.
  • Cost-effective: Particularly relevant for larger commercial projects, or open residential floor plans, engineered timber floors usually cost less than solid hardwood floors.

As the top layer of an engineered timber floor board is solid wood, the floor is susceptible to scratches in the same way as other timber floors.

The type of finish applied to your engineered timber floor can, however, increase its scratch resistance. Speak with a Havwoods consultant for more information on which finishes are suitable for your particular project and requirements. 

While engineered timber floors aren’t waterproof, the layered design of engineered floorboards has proven to be much more resistant to moisture than solid wood floors